High Performance Power Amplifier

An outstanding 4/3/2 channel (100 W x 4, four ohms) bridgeable amplifier design that offers a wide range of installation flexibility afforded by a 12 dB / octave high-pass crossover for each channel pair and a variable frequency low-pass crossover on channels 3 and 4. The low-pass signal path has a 24 dB / octave low-pass crossover, variable 0 - +18 dB bass boost circuit as well as a variable phase-shift control allow for infinite system tweaking potential. In addition, an input level control accommodating input levels from 190 mV to 8 volts provides the ultimate in system interface flexibility.

Amplifier Performance Beyond the Conventional

Nakamichi's latest offering of Mobile Power Amplifiers deliver sonic excellence, flexibility and cosmetic design that's destined to become the reference standard other amplifiers will be judged against. The result of a collaborative effort between the R&D teams at Nakamichi America and Nakamichi Corporation Japan, this series represents an international effort that truly brings together Nakamichi global experience, expertise and manufacturing know-how.

Consistent with our long-standing product design philosophy, the foremost considerations for the new PA series were sonic accuracy and dynamics. Delivering this new level of performance required a totally fresh approach to circuit design, parts selection, circuit layout and construction techniques. By utilizing a fully-complementary high-speed amplifier design with discrete transistors, coupled to a fully regulated PWM power supply with high-current MOSFET devices, an enormous reserve of dynamic power is available in reserve to reproduce accurately the most demanding of your musical selections. Nakamichi propritary Harmonic Time Alignmen™ amplifier topology is also employed to ensure the highest musical fidelity. The result is a technological tour de force with power so clean and abundant that it will please even the most radical SPL competitor as well as the critical ear of the music aficionado. Built-in versatility is also an integral part of the new PA series. These robust power amplifiers provide considerable flexibility accommodating a wide range of system configurations. And they are designed to allow for future system expansion through the thoughtful use of multi-channel bridging options, equalization, line outputs and variable frequency crossover capabilities.

An optional bass level control is available for remote operation of the amplifiers bass output.

Other Features

  • Low-profile design (less than 2.75 inches)
  • Stunning semi-gloss black finish with brushed silver accent
  • Remote bass level port (requires optional RBC-1)
  • Protection from short-circuits, thermal conditions etc.
  • Gold-plated speaker and power connectors
  • Time-delay turn-on/off eliminates "thumps" completely




Continuous Power Output
Power Output (4 ohms) 100 W x 4
Power Output (2 ohms) 200 W x 4
Power Output (1 ohm) N/A
Bridged Power Output (8 ohms) 200 W x 2
Bridged Power Output (4 ohms) 400 W x 2
Bridged Power Output (2 ohms) N/A
*Two mono amplifiers bridged
Minimum Speaker Impedance 2 ohms
Power Bandwidth 5 Hz - 30 Hz
Frequency Response
(1 W / 4 ohms)
5 Hz - 100 Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion
(at rated power, 4 ohms)
Less than 0.05%
Intermodulation Distortion Less than 0.05%
Input Sensitivity 190 mV - 8 V
Input Impedance 22 K
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
(minimum sensitivity 22 kHz bandwidth filter)
103 dB
Stereo Separation (2 kHz) 80 dB
Damping Factor (20 Hz, 4 ohms) More than 150
High Pass 68 - 4.1 kHz
Slope 12 dB / octave
2nd Low Pass (channel 3+4) 300 - 4.1 kHz
Slope 12 dB / octave
Low Pass 33 - 200 Hz
Slope 24 dB / octave
Bass Boost at 42 Hz Yes
One-Band Parametric EQ No
Phase Shift Control Yes
Auto Bridging Yes
Manual Bridging No
Line Output Yes
Remote Bass Level Port Yes
Short Circuit Protection Yes
DC Protection Yes
Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
Thermal Protection Yes
Thermal Foldback Yes
Power Source 12 V DC negative ground
(10 - 15 V allowable)
Current Consumption
with music, 4 ohms / Channel (avg.) Less than 40 A
with sine wave, 4 ohms / Channel Less than 70 A
at idle Less than 2.5 A
Dimensions 284.8 (W) x 66.4 (H) x 450 (D) mm
11-1/4 (W) x 2-5/8 (H) x 17-3/4 (D) inches
Mass (approx.) 9.09 kg / 20 lbs

Harmonic Time Alignment is a trademark of Nakamichi Corporation.

Specifications subject to change without notice.